Meet our team of beautiful human beings

Mathew Sarsfield (he/him)
Mathew Sarsfield (he/him)Yoga + Meditation Instructor
Mathew’s journey of personal growth accelerated in 2015, when he moved from Ontario to Alberta in search of a calm, quiet connection to nature and self. Discovering connection to breath during long, isolating climbs in the Canadian Rockies led Mathew along a path toward the practice of yoga. Through dedicated practice on his mat, he learned to channel the breath, body, and mind connection to achieve a state of calmness and self-awareness, releasing tension in the body. Frequent visits to a Buddhist monastery, where he practiced sitting in silence with the monastics of the temple, deepened this existing connection of mindfulness and resulted in a strong meditation practice.

Having been impacted by many extraordinary yoga instructors over the years, teaching yoga was always something Mathew aspired to do. He pursued certification as a RYT 200 as well as foundational meditation teacher training so that he could share the benefits of yoga and meditation with others. His classes will invite you to breathe deeply and move with intention so that you can actualize your most authentic self and find balance from within.

Isabelle Châtelain (she/her)
Isabelle Châtelain (she/her)Yoga Instructor & Yoga Therapist
Isabelle is a 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher through Prana Yoga, and an 800 Hour Yoga Therapist through Ajna Yoga. Her interest in yoga grew from a mental health perspective; exploring the slower and more interoceptive practices that support and nourish the nervous system.

Since the birth of her first baby, Isabelle’s focus has moved towards Pre, Peri and Post Natal Yoga; supporting new parents on their journey through parenthood, and children in their mental and physical growth. She still loves guiding students in practices that support all the layers of their being.

Isabelle prides her classes in being accessible, with a mission to offer inclusive spaces for all from which to explore mind, body and breath connection in community.

Nicole Starker Campbell (she/her)
Nicole Starker Campbell (she/her)Yoga Instructor
In 2008, Nicole wandered into a yoga class and found an amazing stillness that has captivated her ever since. She believes that yoga can bring balance to our lives; helping us to connect authentically with ourselves and others while working to heal our bodies and minds. Yoga is one of the greatest joys, challenges, and teachers in Nicole’s life, and for that she is determined to be a lifelong student and practitioner.

Nicole completed her Yoga Teacher Training in 2014, followed by Yin, Restorative, Meditation, and other training, including that of Reiki Master Teacher. She continues to learn from the many amazing teachers who have shared their wisdom with her, and she is grateful for the opportunity to be able to walk this path of yoga with others on their own personal journeys.

Jackie Williamson
Jackie WilliamsonYoga & Meditation Instructor
Jackie’s story can be described as surrendering to the flow of life and trusting that all you are searching for is already within you.

In 2015, Jackie became a consistent yoga practitioner but found herself falling into old habits of ‘over doing it’ to the point of exhaustion. Her life consisted of never-ending schedules and ‘to do’ lists with no idea as to what balance was or how to attain it.

In 2020 she felt the call to take the next step in her yoga practice and completed her first 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga. Here Jackie was also introduced to Akhanda Yoga and began her 300 YTT to deepen her understanding of this unique yoga approach. This inspired her to travel to Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh India to learn and practice under Yogrishi Vishvketu, the founder of Akhanda Yoga Institute.

Jackie fell in love with the healing, grounding and nourishing components of yoga; learning to let go and allowing herself to transform and reprogram the limitations of the mind through stillness. She finds balance through exploration of yogic philosophy and the practice of breath work, meditation and mantra, and she is passionate about sharing a balanced practice with holistic elements through a restorative and meditative approach. Look to Jackie to experience oneness and wellbeing in her sharing of preserved yoga wisdom and techniques, and how they translate into a modern life.

Jen Paras
Jen ParasPilates Instructor
Growing up on Vancouver Island, yoga, meditation, and an overall holistic lifestyle was just the norm for Jen. After having her 3rd child, she searched for an activity outside of motherhood, and although the role of Pilates instructor was always a bucket list item, it felt unachievable. After visiting the Space with its welcoming and safe environment, however, Jen knew that this was the place to accomplish her goal. Proud to be living her best life and extremely grateful to be helping others accomplish their exercise goals, Jen is working towards completion of the Barre Body Mat Pilates certification.
Stephanie Lalonde (she/her)
Stephanie Lalonde (she/her)Yoga Instructor
Active in soccer, running, hiking and skiing, Stephanie’s yoga journey started when she was just 18 years old. Upon taking her first yoga class, she realized just how much she was going to love this new movement in her life. Stephanie completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Empowered Yoga, has taken an Inversion workshop through Oxygen Yoga, and has participated in many different yoga classes through a variety of different studios, where she has learnt a great deal for her own practice.
Jody Duff (she/her)
Jody Duff (she/her)Yoga Instructor
Jody started her yoga journey with a 30day challenge in 2015, and fell in love with the way she felt: calmer, more centred, and even more energized. Having become estranged from her family a few years later, she again turned to yoga to keep her mental health balanced.

Jody’s journey of healing and regulating her nervous system transitioned into finding her passion to helping others do the same. She became a 200hr certified yoga teacher and Breath work coach, and is in the process of obtaining her 30hr Restorative teacher certification with plans to continue learning and growing through more certifications that help to bring the mind, body, and breath into balance.

Jody’s mission is to help guide all bodies to move, breathe, and flow a little more fully and peacefully on and off the mat.

Nicole Van Woerkom (she/her)
Nicole Van Woerkom (she/her)Yoga & Fitness Instructor
Nicole discovered her love for movement at a young age while growing up as a competitive dancer. With deep roots in the fitness industry, Nicole is a Barre Instructor and Personal Trainer with certifications in Group Fitness and Yoga. She loves to share her specialized knowledge and passion for movement with others during class.
Mic Mayne (she/her)
Mic Mayne (she/her)Yoga Instructor
With the enthusiasm and curiosity of an excited child, Mic encourages her students to experiment with movement and rejoice in the accomplishments of our ever-evolving bodies. She coaches in a compassionate way to celebrate capabilities and to confront challenges as unexpected and unrealized potential.

Trained as a Registered Nurse, Mic learned early on to adapt to constantly changing conditions. This skill served her well when side-lined due to injuries and chronic pain, and her love of learning propelled her to exercise her mind when her body was unwilling. She achieved certification as both a Personal Training Specialist and a Healthy Weight Loss Coach from Canfitpro, and came to yoga when injured to find it changing her life in amazing ways. She graduated from 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga for Today in 2019, and has since added to her knowledge through trainings in Pain Care Yoga, Yoga for Children, and Yin Yoga.

Music has also been a huge part of Mic’s life, so you may find her humming, singing or spontaneously dancing in class – feel free to join in!

Tori Taphorn (she/her)
Tori Taphorn (she/her)Yoga Instructor
After 5 years of working as a high school teacher, Tori decided to pursue her true passion and help educate and influence a different type of student. She completed her Yoga Teacher Training in Southern B.C. with a focus on cultivating connection between breath, movement, and body awareness.

In her classes, Tori incorporates elements of Vinyasa, Hatha, and Pranayama to help students find balance on the mat, and allow them to carry their practice with them outside of the studio. She is a student herself, dedicated to her own personal growth in yoga, pottery, painting and other creative outlets, believing that learning new skills is essential to living a fulfilling life.

Christi Nagal (she/her)
Christi Nagal (she/her)Pound Instructor
Christi has been a fitness instructor for five years, but fell in love with the music and the energy of Pound three years ago. She enjoys making new friends on the mat and building relationships with those that come to spend their time with her rocking out in this full-body workout that combines cardio, conditioning, strength training, and yoga, with all the fun of pounding the drumsticks.
Ashlea Schumacher (she/her)
Ashlea Schumacher (she/her)Yoga Instructor
Ashlea found yoga during a time of uncertainty in her life. Newly divorced with two kids at her side, Ashlea learned that she needed to take care of herself first in order to be the best Mom she could be. She completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2016 with Empowered Yoga, and found a deep love and respect for movement. While she enjoys practising all forms of yoga, Ashlea’s craft has been designed to teach the slower and more deliberate movements of Yin, Restorative Yoga, and Callisthenics – refining postures to build strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination. Her motivation for teaching comes from a desire to help people find the power within, and to offer a bit of reprieve from their daily routine.

Since attending her first YTT in 2016, Ashlea has deepened her education through Empowered Yoga with 25 hour Restorative Yoga and 25 hour PTSD Trauma Training, and plans to continue her teacher trainings with additional modalities to obtain her 500 hour teaching certificate.

Starr Scheuer (she/her)
Starr Scheuer (she/her)Reiki Practitioner + Yoga Instructor
Starr achieved her Yoga Teacher Training through Higher Love Yoga Academy, and enjoys infusing Reiki energy healing, colour and sound therapy, aromatherapy, mindfulness, and breath work into her classes.

She prides herself on providing challenging, yet relaxing sessions; encouraging healing and a lasting feeling of zen among her students, whether they are just beginning their yoga journey or are well-practiced yogis.

When she is not in her class, you will find her playing in her coral reef tank, golfing, walking the family dog, and spending time with family.

Rikki Lamb (she/her)
Rikki Lamb (she/her)Yoga Instructor
Rikki started her yoga journey in 2020; loving how it challenged her creativity and allowed her to create space for herself. Rikki graduated from the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program at Prana Yoga in 2022, with encouragement by several of her teachers following completion of her 50 hour Yin Yoga Certification in 2021.

Rikki believes that yoga should be accessible to everyone. She incorporates the use of props, and provides modifications or alternate poses to support students in the exploration of their personal practice. Rikki is passionate about strengthening a mind-body connection through yoga, and hopes to translate that passion to anyone who attends her classes. She is also a dedicated yoga student herself, believing that lifelong learning is key to continuing to grow your practice.

Jodie MYoga Instructor
Jodie is a certified and registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance, and has been an elementary school teacher since 2010.

Originally, yoga offered her a platform for healing through the integration of ethics, psychology, spirituality and movement. Now she sees yoga as the practice of life; the practice of moving consciously through the world on and off the mat.

Jodie encourages students to enjoy their practise through the invitation of self-exploration and honour. With suggestive mindful insight, she takes you on a journey that is light hearted, rhythmical and fun. No practice is ever the same with different playlists and varying intentions. She is ever grateful for the opportunity to share her understanding of yoga and looks forward to flowing with you on the mat.

Jenny NorthrupFitness Instructor
Fitness has always been one of Jenny’s passions, and in 2015, this passion led her to inspire others in their fitness journey through her designation as a AFLCA trained instructor. With extensive training in group fitness, spin, portable weights, moveball, barre, kettlebell, boxing, and older adult movement, Jenny creates a varied, unique, and always welcoming atmosphere where belly laughs and loud music are a guarantee as you come to discover your strengths and face your weaknesses.