Animal Reiki

As with traditional Reiki, Animal Reiki practitioners use hand positions to channel healing energy from their palms to your fur babies. This practice is not always or only conducted with the intention to heal, but rather to offer energy for your pet’s body to use as needed. It can also be used to help your sick dog or cat when the veterinarian can’t identify exactly what’s wrong, as Reiki energy can help pinpoint the source of the problem within the animal’s body. Animal Reiki can be performed using a light touch directly on, or above the body, or it can be done remotely.

Benefits of Animal Reiki include:

Relief from pain and anxiety

Relief from pain and anxiety (helping to address and overcome behavioural issues)

Quickening of the healing process

Support and quickening of the healing process after surgery or illness

Strengthening of the immune system

Strengthening of the immune system

Relaxation, stress reduction, and overall health and wellness

Promotion of relaxation, stress reduction, and overall health and wellness

What to Expect During and After Animal Reiki

Animal Reiki is never harmful nor painful, and is most beneficial when the animal is resting and not distracted by other things. Although most dogs and cats become very relaxed during or after a session and may fall asleep, the shift in energy created by Animal Reiki may at first startle some pets, especially if they are skittish or have experienced trauma. If your pet is skittish, you may prefer them to initially experience the energy from a distance.

*Animal Reiki sessions are currently offered by Carly Mariacci only.

Animal Reiki Pricing

30min Session: $50 +GST

Carly Mariacci (she/her)
Intuitive Reiki Master

A Reiki Master with an additional unique gift, Carly is also a celebrated and powerful Intuitive; able to form even deeper connections and channel spiritual energies as she conducts her energetic healings. Physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally…prepare to be moved in so many comforting and uplifting ways!

Carly’s 1hr in-studio sessions typically run for 1 hour: 30 minutes of Reiki Energy Healing followed by an intimate Spiritual Energy discussion.

Carly is also able to provide 30-45 minute Distance Reiki sessions and 25-minute Reiki Healing sessions for children and youth 16 years of age or younger*. Please note that spiritual readings are not included with these services.

*For youth sessions, a parent or guardian must sign a waiver for permission, and it is preferred that they be present while the session is being given.

Reiki was a game-changer for my boxers hip issues. They both struggle with mobility and discomfort in their legs and after a couple sessions of Reiki I noticed a remarkable improvement. Their movements became smooth and more comfortable. Carly was caring and attentive and it was evident she genuinely cared about the well being of my dogs. I am grateful for the positive impact Reiki had on them.

I had Carly out to see my horses a few months ago. She wasn’t familiar with my horses at all and which family member rode which one. Our one horse’s energy really pulled Carly to him. He was so calm around her and made her laugh alot. She told me he’s so funny and sure loves messing with your son. Your son is his person. She was bang on right down to the messing with him part!!! Now I am an equine bodyworker so this next horse she walked up to I know every little sore spot and issue he’s dealing with. After walking over Carly immediately felt his energy and started to feel bad shoulder pains and her knee was hurting a bit. Well again bang on even the side it’s on, he has a knee and shoulder injury we are currently rehabbing. Even though she isn’t familiar with horses, she was able to pick up on so much with them. It was very neat and amazing to watch her work. I highly recommend Carly and see her magic work on your animals.

I was initially skeptical but noticed a improvement in my dog’s overall demeanour and well being after just a few sessions. Carly was gentle, intuitive, and clearly connected with my pet on a profound level. D was relaxed and happier after each session. Reiki provided a calming influence and seemed to alleviate some of my dogs anxiety and discomfort.

Due to a large number of last minute cancellations, all appointments now need to paid in full at the time of booking. If you need to reschedule your appointment, please need to do so at least 48 hours in advance. The cost of the service will be returned to your account so you can use the credit to rebook. If you need to cancel the appointment and are unable to rebook, you will receive a refund less a 10% admin fee. There are no refunds or credits if cancelled within 48 hours of the appointment.

If you’re looking for a time that is outside the currently available slots please email us for additional availability.