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We are not actively seeking instructors at this time, but feel free to reach out if you think you may be a good fit!

If you would like to join our team as a complementary health practitioner, email us at

About the Studio

The Space is a new yoga studio and holistic wellness centre (offering such complementary health practices like Reiki, Biodynamic Craniosacral, Shamanic Healing Circles, Red Light Therapy, and Breathwork Meditations) based in Fort Saskatchewan, AB, with a mandate to: Offer a yoga and holistic wellness experience unique to the City of Fort Saskatchewan; make yoga practice accessible to all, regardless of age, gender, body type, abilities, financial status and fitness levels; provide a safe space in which to support individuals on their physical and spiritual healing journeys; and to promote values of education, diversity and inclusivity (welcoming of all cultures and of all people experiencing physical and mental challenges).

Key skills

Candidates must possess sound customer service, and communication skills. Being warm and friendly, and demonstrating inclusivity (ie, the welcoming and accommodation of all cultures and of people experiencing physical and mental challenges) and enthusiasm to contribute beyond listed responsibilities are key. Outstanding problem solving, and interpersonal, organizational and communication skills are also essential. The ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment, to work under pressure, to always maintain a high degree of professionalism, and to think and act quickly and courteously are a must.

Class Responsibilities

  • Conduct and lead yoga classes (Vinyasa Flow, Restorative, Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Beginner and other) in unheated, hot or warm environments and/or guided meditation classes (unheated)
  • Visually assess students to determine their level of practice and to give recommendations and advice on their practice
  • Use props in class sequences
  • Demonstrate practice and techniques
  • Possess the ability to move energy through the body
  • Transform energy during the warm-up, build-up and cool-down stages of yoga
  • Motivate students with words of encouragement
  • Connect with students before, during and after classes
  • Make sure the studio rooms are clean, tidy and prepared for the next class
  • Offer training recommendations to improve the practice of yoga or meditation

Yoga Instructor Requirements

  • Yoga certification
  • Minimum of 200 hours of experience
  • CPR/First Aid certification
  • Education or experience in health and fitness is preferable
  • MindBody Online system experience considered an asset
  • WCB
  • Liability Insurance

To apply, please send your resume and certifications to