Yoga Therapy for Hip Dysfunction

One-on-One Tailored Yoga Sessions

In this session, you will work closely with Jody Duff to assess the specific issues affecting your hips and develop a tailored practice to improve mobility, strength, and overall hip health.

Through gentle movements, targeted stretches, and breath work, you will learn how to release tension, increase flexibility, and build stability in the hip area.

Whether you are recovering from an injury, hip replacement, managing chronic pain, or simply looking to enhance your hip function, this customized session will provide you with valuable tools to support your healing journey. Experience the benefits of individualized attention and expert guidance as you work towards greater comfort and ease in your hips.

1-2 times a week is recommended.

Note: You will need a Mindbody account OR an account through our website.

1-hr Session: $60 +GST
3x 1-hr Sessions: $160+GST
10x 1-hr Sessions: $550 +GST