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Shamanic healing is an ancient form of holistic healing conducted in a group ceremony, where practitioners use their connection to the universal life force (often called Spirit or Source), to help those experiencing trauma or duress affecting physical and mental health and behaviours, relationships, or finances. By connecting to Spirit, practitioners are guided through intuited information of the issues presented, and are offered healing energies to help create desired outcomes.

In our safe, comfortable and accepting sacred space, your healing journey will begin with Eric asking, “What in your life do you wish was different, and what do you wish it was instead?” Sharing is encouraged, but not necessary, as we hold a space where participants can also choose to keep their issues private. Participants will then be guided through their personal, internal environment; directing energy at the root cause. Here, each person will be able to address and heal their issue in a private way, while still being held in the safety and support of the group.

Please note that participants are expected to treat each other with kindness and respect, to listen with compassion, and to hold all stories shared in the circle in confidence. You may also bring anything to allow yourself to be more comfortable, such as water, a pillow, or a blanket.

Sessions are 60-90min depending on the size and energy of each group.

Investment: $20

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