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In addition to her roles as Studio Manager and Reiki Master for The Space, Carly Mariacci is also a highly-sensitive, compassionate, and empathetic Spiritual Medium.

We invite you to join Carly within the serenity of The Space studio for an hour of insightful Medium Readings, during which time Carly will serve as a conduit, attuning to the energy of your spirit guides and channeling messages from your departed loved ones. These messages may convey words of love and reassurance, guidance, apology, or simply confirmation of their continued presence in your life.

To reassure you of the genuine nature of the reading, throughout the session Carly will strive to provide validation of the information received from your guides and departed loved ones, including the sharing of specific details and memories confirming the authenticity and strength of the connection.

Whether seeking answers and comfort, healing and closure, guidance, or affirmation and approval, a medium reading can be the catalyst you need for spiritual growth and understanding; providing profound insights into your life’s challenges and opportunities, and empowering you to make informed decisions and navigate your spiritual journey with peace and clarity, purpose, and a renewed sense of meaning and connection with both the living and the deceased.

Embrace solace, resolution and healing. Book your insightful Medium Reading today!

There is no guarantee that your loved one will come through in the reading. Please be patient with your practitioner during your session.

Investment: $75 for 30-min, $150 for 1hr

If you have previously booked for June 7, your appointments are still valid! We just sold out really quickly so we added a second date 🙂

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