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Breath. It’s there for you even when you don’t notice it. But what happens when you do notice it, and breathe with purpose and conviction?

Experience mental and physical relaxation as your Breathwork Facilitator guides you through a two-part breath meditation to first draw in energy or “Chi”, and then with intention, release stuck energy and restrictions in the physical body. This practice takes you into a deeper level of meditation that allows for greater self-connection and healing, with a focus on breath work designed to release build-ups where oxygen has not been able to penetrate due to shallow breathing.

Breathwork Meditation can:

  • Reduce symptoms of stress by shifting brainwaves
  • Increase energy levels by improving the oxygen capacity in your blood
  • Increase self-awareness by creating the space to go within
  • Improve sleep by calming the nervous system
  • Release trauma and fear stuck in the body by moving energy

Medical conditions that are not conducive to the breath practice include pregnancy, epilepsy, stroke, heart issues, heart attack, and use of a pacemaker.

Investment: $39

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