Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy: Client Agreement

BIODYNAMIC CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY is about orienting to the Health that is in the system. Please answer the following two questions about Health in your body and life:
What area of your body is the most healthy, comfortable, relaxed, strong, pain-free, or maybe bothers you the least? It’s important to develop a relationship with all of your body parts and begin noticing what areas are places you can rely on and feel safe within.
What/who/where are your support networks? What do you do for YOU? What relaxes you? What’s fun, inspiring, or gives you energy? What in your life “feeds your soul,” “makes your heart sing,” “makes you smile from the inside out?”
Generally there is something running in people’s systems that they are wanting to experience a change or shift in. Please let me know the primary thing that is affecting you today.