Singing Bowl Massage

Using sound and vibration to achieve ultimate states of relaxation.

Sound massage is a powerful alternative health treatment incorporating modern scientific theories of sound and vibration into the traditional eastern practice of energy flow and release.

Here, Tibetan singing bowls are strategically placed on and around the body, and played using felt mallets to create soothing sounds and gentle vibrations. Working through the body’s meridian points, or passageways through which our energy circulates, these vibrations are used to release trapped energy and stored up tension. This release has a calming effect, while the range of sound frequencies emitted by the bowls draws the brain into a deep meditative state.

This combined use of sound and vibration therapy is sure to be effective to help reduce stress and anxiety, and relax the space of your mind and body.

Sessions are $111 and 1hr in length


Jeanine Penney

A born musician and now Sound Therapist, music has always been a huge part of Jeanine’s life. It’s her therapy.

Jeanine’s world changed when she purchased her first Tibetan bowl in 2018 and discovered the healing powers of sound and vibration. In 2021, she felt called to journey to Mexico where her path led her to study Sound Healing with The Sound Healing Institute and The Institute of Conscious Evolution. Jeanine is deeply committed to her art with a mission to share the powerful benefits of Sound Healing with the world.

Sound therapy / healing is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment from a physician or health care professional. Sound therapy is designed to enhance your traditional medical care. Please check with a doctor or health care professional about using Sound healing to complement your medical treatment (if any).

If you are pregnant, the first trimester is not recommended for sound massage. After the first trimester, it is up to the individual and their doctor.